Clarissa Mei is a 21 year old songwriter and producer, born and raised in Western Sydney, Australia.

She began playing gigs in her local community from a young age, her style always sitting predominantly within soul and rnb, her trills and vocal technique soaring beyond her acoustic-based instrumental. Now, Clarissa is excited to continue her own production and new electronic-based sounds.

Clarissa has debuted her new sound at The Plot Festival, Secret Garden Festival and Women in Music Empowerment Day. She has also performed at MCA event GENEXT alongside Kota Banks, Clypso & PRINCI.

Clarissa has been mentored within programs such as the ‘All Girl Electronic’ and ‘GRID series’ programs that run through Western Sydney. Through this mentorship she gained valuable insight from female songwriters, producers, and engineers such as; Ngaiire, Rainbow Chan, Annie Bass, Antonia Gauci and more.

“Love to hear a big ol’ R&B voice dominating my headphones. You’ve got songwriting chops and i’m down to hear more.” - Tommy Faith, Triple J unearthed.

"Clarissa has a vocal maturity beyond her years, every-time I watch her perform I am blown away and transformed into a state of complete bliss... I always want to hear more" - Project U, Sara Tamim.

“‘Vulnerable’ was the perfect introduction to her impenetrable vocal style and clever production which blended soulful instrumentation with heavy electronic beats…” - Purple Sneakers, Emma Jones.

“Soft synths float underneath simple but crisp percussion as Clarissa‘s vocals soar uninhibited." - Purple Sneakers, Max Lewis.